CSE 569S: Advanced IoT, Real-Time, and Embedded Systems Security

Fall 2019
This class focus on the theory and practice of secure embedded/IoT system. Students will be exploring security and privacy issues in deployed or emerging IoT systems, examining a rich variety of devices from drones and self-driving cars to smart home light bulbs and implanted pacemakers, across different layers of computing from network to wireless signal, from application to device kernel and driver. This class is organized with a set of pre-selected topics, with lecture and discussion on those topics. It is a project oriented class, where each student or teams of student will pick a topic of their interest within the scope of the class, then develop a project to a real world security issue on IoT/embedded system.

CSE 637S: Software Security

Spring 2019
Introduction to the hardware and software foundations of computer processing systems. This course provides a programmer's perspective of how computer systems execute programs and store information. The course material aims to enable students to become more effective programmers, especially in dealing with issues of performance, portability and robustness. It also serves as a foundation for other system courses, such as compilers, networks, and operating systems, where a deeper understanding of system-level issues is required. Topics covered include: machine-level code and its generation by optimizing compilers, performance evaluation and optimization, computer arithmetic, memory organization and management, and supporting concurrent computation.

CSE 571S: Network Security

Fall 2018
This course covers principles and techniques in securing computer networks. Real world examples will be used to illustrate the rationales behind various security designs. There are three main components in the course, preliminary cryptography, network protocol security and network application security. Topics include IPSec, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, network fingerprinting, network malware, anonymous communication, and blockchain. The class project allows students to take a deep dive into a topic of choice in network security.